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  • Samsung starts production of new 10-nm Exynos 9 Series chip 2017/02/23

    Samsung on Thursday unveiled a new octa-core application processor that combines a custom CPU with a gigabit LTE modem and a separate processing unit for security applications, leading to speculation that it could be designed into the new Galaxy S8 smartphone that the company is expected to launch soon.

    The Exynos 9 Series 8895 is already in mass production, and Samsung expects the chip to be designed into smartphones, VR headsets and automotive infotainment systems.

    The new processor chipset is the first from Samsung to use the 10-nanometer FinFET process technology that delivers up to 27 percent higher performance while consuming 40 percent less power when compared to earlier 14-nm technology, the company said.

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  • Brocade's Ruckus Wi-Fi business finds a buyer 2017/02/23

    Broadcom will unload the Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi business for $800 million when it takes over Brocade Communications Systems later this year.

    The buyer, Arris International, is a maker of video and broadband equipment, including cable modems and set-top boxes with Wi-Fi inside. As part of the deal, it will also acquire Brocade’s ICX business, which makes data center, campus and carrier Ethernet switches.

    Ruckus makes Wi-Fi gear primarily for enterprises and service providers. Brocade acquired Ruckus last April for $1.2 billion in a bid to expand its enterprise networking business.

    Just a few months later, communications chip maker Broadcom announced plans to buy Brocade for its Fibre Channel storage network business. Now Broadcom is arranging to sell off the rest of Brocade.

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  • A hard drive's LED light can be used to covertly leak data 2017/02/23

    The seemingly harmless blinking lights on servers and desktop PCs may give away secrets if a hacker can hijack them with malware.

    Researchers in Israel have come up with an innovative hack that turns a computer's LED light into a signaling system that shows passwords and other sensitive data.

    The researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev demonstrated the hack in a YouTube video posted Wednesday. It shows a hacked computer broadcasting the data through a computer’s LED light, with a drone flying nearby reading the pattern.

    The researchers designed the scheme to underscore vulnerabilities of air-gapped systems, or computers that have been intentionally disconnected from the internet.

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  • Here's why self-driving cars may never really be self-driving 2017/02/23

    It sounds like the beginning of a bar room joke.

    Two self-driving cars are headed down the highway when the lead car decides to   speed up to avoid being rear-ended by the second. That car, in turn, slows down to avoid hitting the first. Then a third car suddenly comes between the two, prompting  the slower car to change lanes to avoid and accident.

    The problem: There are cars in the lanes on either side of it.

    What's an autonomous car to do? The answer is no joke.

    The scenario is called "a ripple factor" and it's one of many researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) are studying to understand how embedded software could  address a myriad number of unexpected situations that could cause accidents as self-driving vehicles speed toward reality.

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  • Verizon ranks tops in wireless coverage and reliability by RootMetrics 2017/02/23

    Verizon was named the "undisputed leader" for U.S. wireless coverage and network reliability for the second half of 2016 at the city, state and national levels, based on millions of field tests conducted by RootMetrics.

    Verizon benefited from its LTE-Advanced service started in summer of 2016, which provided a significant boost to Verizon's download speeds, RootMetrics said in a report released Thursday.

    Separately, Verizon announced on Wednesday that it will deliver 5G wireless service to pilot customers in 11 cities by mid-2017. Those cities include Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Seattle and Washington.

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