Datapresence™ is your full-service ISP for web, mail and DNS hosting

AllCity Technology offers a full range of web development services including e-commerce solutions, SEO implementation and Web Hosting services. We’re a one-stop shop for fully implementing your web presence. We have the necessary tools to get your online business off the ground and with solid SEO techniques; we can also get your business noticed.

You need a custom web application? We’ve got you covered. AllCity Technology’s Development Department can help you get the right technology to get the job done. We’ll take you from where you are to where you want to go. Completely integrated and custom designed for you, AllCity can take your business “outside the box” to where your customers need you to be.

Keep track and improve

DataPresence will also help you keep track of your website by implementing Analytics. This statistical web-tracking software will help you understand where your clients are coming from, what they’re looking at, where they are exiting and more! With the ability to cross-reference data, Analytics will empower you with the knowledge that will constantly improve your website by letting you know what keywords are bringing traffic to you, what links customers are clicking while browsing and more!

Recovery1™ remote backup service

There is no questioning the need for a reliable disaster recovery policy.

The question is what media to implement. The low reliability and high maintenance cost make backup tapes a less than attractive solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Recovery1 is our online backup service. Using the Recovery1 disaster recovery service gives you a reliable, low maintenance and high availability solution as a manageable cost.

Let AllCity Technology show you how to implement Recovery1 into a comprehensive fault tolerance and disaster recovery company policy. You no longer have to worry about if you can afford the backup solution you need. Our Recovery1 backup service is priced so that you can’t afford not to!