AllCity Technology SMART Service™

“I’ve contracted the services of AllCity Technology for 5 years. Whether my company had 40 PCs or 4, multiple servers or 1 server, AllCity Technology is essential to my success. AllCity’s SMART Service team serves as my IT department with highly trained personnel who anticipate problems before they could happen. I wouldn’t think of operating a small or medium sized company without AllCity Technology.”

– Lisa K. (Mortgage Broker)

Remote monitoring and diagnostics are increasingly important as threats to networks increase.

Each of our SMART Service™ Managed IT plans include remote diagnostic services, antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-spam services. We have different plans to match different budgets and network complexities-from the small proprietorship to the Fortune 500 company.

AllCity Technology receives an A+++ from our medical office! My 28 employee, 3 server, 40 workstation business has been well-designed and supported by AllCity Technology since 2001. They have addressed all facets of system design and support efficiently. Major topics have been security design and maintenance, remote access, data backup and archives, hardware choice and support, user interface, software choice and support.

Personal service (both onsite and via remote access) has been prompt, reliable and pleasant. We like using these folks and strongly recommend their services!

– Eric W. (MD and Clinic Partner)

Our service plans are available in three tiers of service designed to accommodate different businesses’ service requirements:

If your business requires full-time, 24/7 full network availability, the Complete Care SMART Service is recommended. This plan includes 24-hour remote monitoring, administration and protection from our SMART Service suite of software and remote services, PLUS unlimited remote and on-site support by certified technicians and our trademark TECHMERGENCY quick response service for emergencies.

Managed SMART Service designed to balance cost with risk. This plan includes 24 hour protection from our SMART Service suite of software and remote services, PLUS discounted remote support by certified technicians as well as discounted TECHMERGENCY quick response service for on-site emergencies.

Monitored tier of SMART Service is geared to small (SOHO) businesses. This plan includes 24 hour monitoring via our SMART Service suite of software and remote services, and is integrated with TECHMERGENCY quick response to any service issues.

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